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        2019-02-14 10:13



        托福 雅思 GRE GMAT SAT



          Task 1:

          1. Can you talk about an event happened in your school recently that you think it negative at first, but it turns out to be a positive thing.

          Sample response:

          This kind of thing happened in my school recently is that last year my school opened a compulsory class on cooking, teaching you to cook different kinds of foods, such as Chinese dishes or cuisine from other countries. At first I didn’t think it a good idea, because I used to rely on parents to cook meals for me. However, after months’ learning, I mastered many skills of cooking, such as how to fry, how to steam, how to stew and so on, now I can cook many delicious foods by myself and I get a sense of accomplishment. Two years later I will study in another country by myself, I think this skill may help me to be more independent. It turns out this course can be positive.

          2. One of your friends has been working for ten years after graduation. Now he is planning to return back to the university to further study, from your perspective, what kind of challenge or difficulty does he may confront?

          Sample response:

          In my view, the most remarkable challenge for my friend might be that he may not well concentrate on his study.

          Ten years later, returning back to university, my friend’s age might be around 30, at the age of 30, a man may have been married and even has a child; a part from study, he may have to care about whether his wife is in good condition or whether his child is ill or uncomfortable and so on. All these things may distract his attention. However, compared with those young people, they are at the age around 20; they have nothing to care about but their own study.

          That’s my answer.

          3. The local school in your town is considering to eliminate its long summer break and to get children to attend schools all year with only several short breaks, like 3 days off or 5 days off holidays. Do you think it is a good idea and why?

          Sample response:

          Personally speaking, I really don’t think this change is a good choice; the most remarkable reason is that this may deprive myself of traveling abroad.

          If having the long summer break, taking a trip to another country for half a month or even a solid month can be convenient; I don't have to worry about the time and can have the in-depth traveling experience, such as getting to know what the local people eat every day, what the spectacular local landmarks or sceneries are, what their unique customs are and so on. If merely having the short breaks with 3 days off or 5 days off, I can’t fully experience the exotic culture.

          4. From your perspective, what is the common mistake when parents educate their children? Give your explanation based on your own experience.

          Sample response:

          In my humble view, the most common mistake in my city is that some parents spoil their children too much.

          For example, many high school students area round 17 years old; one 17-year-old boy or girl should be independent in his or her life to some extent. However, it’s common to see their parents wash clothes, even socks and underwear, for them, cook each meal for them, clean the bedroom for them and so on. Personally speaking, teenagers at such an age should not be so dependent on their parents, leaving everything to their parents. Parents are supposed to cultivate the independent ability of children. That’s my answer, thanks.





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